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My Jolly Rancher Necklace Story

Like wearing a candy necklace!

Like wearing a candy necklace! I think I gasped a little You know when when something catches your eye and you think, "Oh my GOD! That is so ME!" The tourmaline quartz beads in my Jolly Rancher necklace had me near panting when I first saw them.  Six strands, about a foot and a half long


What are karats of gold?

Understanding gold purity When searching for gold jewelry we've all come across the word "karats." Most of you know that the higher the karat, the more yellow the piece will be as well as more expensive. But what actually is a karat? What do the numbers all mean?


What is the origin of birthstones?

Have you ever wondered where the idea of birthstones came from? It may surprise you that the history of birthstones has its roots all the way back in the Bible. Flip to the Book of Exodus - a text probably based on ancient oral tradition and written down in stages between around 600 and 400 BC -


July Collection 2020

Katy Beh July 2020 Collection

I'm excited to share my July One of Kind Collection with you! I've been busy at my jewelry bench making a fabulous new batch of earrings and necklaces. All with awesome unexpected combinations of colorful gemstones paired with my fav 22k gold.


What's the difference between handcrafted and handmade?

22k gold and gemstone necklace design by Katy Beh Jewelry.

Handmade? Handcrafted? Artisan? A brief roadmap. What do all these terms mean?


TMI Alert: A KISS at Rouse's

Katy Beh Jewelry New Orleans 22k Gold

A precious Katrina baby rocks it! One of my very good friends gave birth to her second child while Hurricating during Katrina. I remember the first time I saw her and met her new daughter at Rouse's months later after returning to New Orleans.


What is classical goldsmithing?

Goldsmith Katy Beh alloying 22k yellow gold.

In a world where most of our daily objects are mass produced, Katy Beh Jewelry is made one piece at a time by hand - mine that is. I also use the centuries old techniques of classical goldsmithing. I don't have assistants and only a few machines - a hand-held electric rotary tool and a


TMI Alert: Tips from Toes

Katy Beh at Mardi Gras New Orleans 2020

MORE Mardi Gras Costume Tips My last blog about costuming tips was so popular, I thought I'd zero in on a few subjects. Not only am I a goldsmith, I'm a Camel Toe Lady Stepper! Attention to detail is the name of the game as a jeweler, and the same goes for Mardi Gras costumes that are both


TMI Alert: Keep Calm and Make the Gold

Do certain situation send your heart racing? Do you have anxiety attacks like me? I have GAD and I use a pharmaceutical regiment to manage my crazies. Yet, I still love discovering clever ways to manage my Overwhelms...you know like putting on fake eyelashes or waiting for those pesky Jazz


Hot off the Bench for March

I became a 22k gold junkie over 30 years ago. Maybe you're like me - dialing down your interest in something until you reach your specific passion? Then you're hooked like white on rice. That's me and gold. Most of the fine handmade jewelry you see will be 14k or 18k. Me? I use only 22 karat


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