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Katy Beh at Mardi Gras New Orleans 2020

MORE Mardi Gras Costume Tips

My last blog about costuming tips was so popular, I thought I'd zero in on a few subjects. Not only am I a goldsmith, I'm a Camel Toe Lady Stepper! Attention to detail is the name of the game as a jeweler, and the same goes for Mardi Gras costumes that are both comfortable and festive.

Read on, loves....

The Perfect Storm: Lashes, Eye Makeup and Glitter

False Eyelashes 101 - step by step

  1. Carefully peel the lashes off of the packaging and hold them up to your eye.
  2. Measure from the inside of your eye where your lashes begin to the outside corner. Cut off any extra length.
  3. Squeeze a dime size amount of glue onto a scrap piece of paper.
  4. Using an opened bobby pin or toothpick, apply a thin coat of adhesive to the back edge of the lash strip. More is not better! Make the most delicate line you can.
  5. Wait a few seconds for the glue to become tacky (if it's tacky when you put them on, they won't slide around on your lid and get glue everywhere). 
  6. Close one eye and apply lashes as low and close to your own lashes as possible. They should look like they are resting right on top of your own lashes.
  7. Lightly set them in place first, then take a peek in the mirror and see if they are in the right place.
  8. If you miss on the first try, don't worry. You can easily peel them off & try again while the glue is tacky.
  9. Then, press down gently, paying close attention to the outside and inside corners to make sure they aren't flinging out.
  10. If the inside corners give you a hard time, tell them to go to hell and move on. No one is going to notice but you.
  • You can always take black eyeliner and fill in any gaps or spaces around the lashes
  • Try wearing lashes on both top and bottom for more WOW.  Trim regular lashes with cuticle scissors so they're smaller and shorter than your top ones. Apply them upside down just under your bottom lashes.  Make sure your top lashes have had plenty of time to dry first to avoid them sticking together.
  • Mascara your natural lashes the same color as your falsies to finish up.
Katy Beh at Mardi Gras New Orleans 2017

Eye Makeup Ideas

  • If you are wearing big lashes and a wig that has bangs, chill on the eyeshadow. It's not worth it.  Instead, go BIG!  
  • Use a dark color or a really bold color and apply it all over your lid and up into the crease.
  • Or, consider do something below your eye instead.
  • Add some sparkle across your cheeks.  You can paint on designs with glitter.
  • Glue crystals and sequins to your cheeks.  Use eyelash adhesive here.  Get creative with it.
  • Try foil stars, small appliques, anything sparkly. Just be sure it's lightweight or flexible.
  • No bangs? Bring your eye makeup up!  Apply glitter below your browline for a great highlight.
  • Glitter your eyebrows
  • Add crystals above the arch of your brow.
  • Add a single crystal to the inside corner of your eye to make your eyes POP!
  • Try pre-made ADHESIVE crystal designs. They are the BOMB. 
Katy Beh at Mardi Gras New Orleans 2019


I suck at glitter. I can't give you any tips here except what NOT to do:

  1. Don't mix fine body glitter with SPF 100. You will look gray and dead (save this tip for Halloween).
  2. Don't use craft glitter on your face. You will tear a contact lense.
  3. Don't apply a second layer of glitter to your eyelids. It'll crack & flake off making you blind.


Katy Beh at Mardi Gras New Orleans 2018


  1. Use make-up primer!
  2. Skip the classic last dusting of translucent powder. Your just adding another layer to sweat off and/or emphasize your wrinkles.
  3. Don't ever think a Sharpie Red marker is a good solution for keeping your lips red if you're's solvent is alcohol.
  4. Hydrate. I drink Gatorade during our march.
  5. Stabilize creamy pencil eyeliner with a light wisp of powder liner in the same color.
  6. Too long lashes will get caught in your wig bangs.
  7. Find a way to stash a little absorbent towel to dab off the sweat on your face.
  8. And always...socks before fishnets!

You're welcome!

P.S. High arches? Don't forget insoles.

P.P.S. Fabric Fusion Glue is so much better than a glue gun. 

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