Ms. Mix-A-Lot

22k Crescent Moon Edith White Seed Pearl Necklace Katy Beh Jewelry New Orleans 2

Edith Necklace and Crescent Moon Pendant

New from Katy Beh Jewelry: Mix and match necklaces and pendants


Janice_Peridot_Fluorite_Necklace_Lula_Amethyst_Pendant_22k_Gold_Katy_Beh_Jewelry_New_OrleansJanice Necklace and Lula Pendant

Annette_Pink_Topaz_Necklace_Paige_Iolite_Pendant_22k_Gold_Katy_Beh_Jewelry_New_OrleansAnnette Necklace and Paige Pendant

Libby_Carnelian_Pendant_Mercedes_Green_Onyx_Peridot_Necklace_22k_Gold_Katy_Beh_Jewelry_New_OrleansMercedes Necklace and Libby Pendant

Portia_Lemon_Quartz_Carnelian_Necklace_Maura_Spessarite_Garnet_Pendant_22k_Gold_Katy_Beh_Jewelry_NewPortia Necklace and Maura Pendant

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