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September babies…sapphire is a true-blue ribbon.


Research for this post found me envious of you born in September - and there's a lot of you! Sapphire is a magical gemstone. Full of variety, quality and longevity, sapphires are a true-blue winner.


Last Day for retired Katy Beh pieces

Nan Aquamarine Green Tourmaline 22k Gold Necklace Katy Beh New Orleans Misc

Going, going, gone. August 15th - Last chance for select Katy Beh OOAK.


Bespoke Mother's Necklace

Custom Blue Topaz Chrysoprase Peridot Pendant 22k Gold Necklace Mothers Katy Beh Jewelry New Orleans

Tell your story. Wear your love. Gemstone Mother's Necklace You want a beautiful piece of jewelry with your children's birthstones...but the gems are red, white and blue. The patriotic look isn't your style. Your kids are all teenage boys. They understand that a happy mom is a happy home.


A new way to collect Katy Beh


Katy Beh VIP's get exclusive first dibs on my Monthly New Collections.


Reward your achievements and success!

Anne Thompson Peridot Custom Earrings-1

Tell your story. Wear your love. Just for You. “Screw-it. I’m getting these myself.”  What's it like to buy fine jewelry for yourself? Grin-worthy gratification of hard work and success is what it's like. All of your personal or professional triumphs are exemplified with a bespoke gorgeous


How do you pronounce August Birthstone Peridot?

Loose Gemstones Peridot Katy Beh JEwelry New Orleans 4

New Orleans’ lush palette and her vibrant Mardi Gras inspire the color and spirit of my jewelry. Peridot, orange fire opal, pink rubellite and periwinkle tanzanite are among my favorites. The world of gemstones is rich with exotic names. Lush grassy-green August birthstone peridot; it seems to


TMI Alert: I’m asked this all the time.


I design jewelry to make you feel beautiful every day. This post might seem a bit off-topic for a jewelry studio. But happiness, beauty and integrity are core values at Katy Beh Jewelry.


What is the difference between a ruby and a rubellite?

Rubellite Gemstone 22k Gold Rings by Katy Beh Jewelry New Orleans

You've heard of them both, and in fact I use rubellite in my one of a kind jewelry quite frequently. What is a rubellite? A tiny ruby? A man made ruby?


Fun Facts about Katy Beh Jewelry - How my pieces get their names


I'm frequently asked how my one of a kind pieces get their names. I watch crime TV while working at my bench or binge on a series like Grey's Anatomy or West Wing. Shows I've seen a million times are the best because they’re like white noise in the background. I created a collection of fun


Katy Beh at Jazz Fest 2nd Weekend


I WAS ACCEPTED INTO 2nd WEEKEND JAZZ FEST! For fine craft artists like myself, "the highly competitive Contemporary Crafts Fair..." of our New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival is the epitome of validation. Jazz Fest "...presents works by some of Louisiana's and the nation's most talented


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