TMI Alert: Keep Calm and Make the Gold

Do certain situation send your heart racing?

Do you have anxiety attacks like me?

I have GAD and I use a pharmaceutical regiment to manage my crazies. Yet, I still love discovering clever ways to manage my know like putting on fake eyelashes or waiting for those pesky Jazz Fest results to come in.

My personal countdown to calm down

I watch TV all day in my studio. Grey’s Anatomy is one I have on frequently. I’ve seen all the episodes at least three times and use it like white noise. I’ve even named a few of my pieces after the characters… Sandra Oh.

I just watched an episode when Alex Karev's new wife Jo was having a panic attack in the bio chamber and used a technique of reciting steps of a procedure methodically and repeatedly to calm herself down. The beauty of this technique is that it's physically changing your brain. You are actively rewiring your thoughts. Rerouting anxious thoughts into your cognitive brain on a regular basis creates new pathways that help reduce future anxiety attacks, too. It really works!

My Countdown

I chose alloying 22k yellow gold. I do this to make all of my one of a kind jewelry, so it's a procedure I could do with my eyes closed. 

  1. Measure the gold22k gold
  2. Measure the silver
  3. Measure the copper
  4. Melt the gold
  5. Add the silver
  6. Add the copper
  7. Mix the alloy until yellow-white.
  8. Let it cool
  9. Pickle it
  10. Beat the shit out of it
  11. Anneal
  12. Pickle it
  13. Beat the shit out of it
  14. Anneal
  15. Pickle it

I count this list off on my fingers several times and HOLY SHIT! I'm indeed thinking clearly again. 

You can do this

Make your own Countdown to Calm Down by zeroing in on an activity you know by heart - can do in your sleep. Like driving to work or putting on your make-up. Break it down into ten to fifteen short 2-3 word steps.

Rewire Your Anxious Brain is a great book about what physically happens in your brain during anxiety attacks. The neuroscience behind all the heart racing and butterflies shows that we can in fact rewire our brains by practiced thinking in new ways.

Try it!

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